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Moken is built to mine Helium 5G from anywhere.
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The network is yours to mine. You can earn by deploying at hosted locations in the USA, or providing a location for an antenna. Find the best way to join the network.

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Start Internal Mining

Want to get started at a minimal investment? Head to our shop and have the most effortless mining installation shipped immediately. Use our guides and expertise to start your mining journey. This is a great opportunity when you have a large internal commercial premises.

Start Mining

Want to get started with a unit in your own home? Head to our shop and have it shipped immediately. Use our guides and expertise to start your mining journey. View our stellar reviews and order a 5G Bundle, with a single Baicells and FreedomFi, or go for gold with a 3x Bundle.

HeliumDeploy Baicells Bundle
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Looking to get a Helium 5G miner with less investment? If your location is in a dense area with lots of foot traffic, you might just make the perfect host. Sign up to get paired with a deployer and use your location to earn crypto.


Take your mining empire from 1 unit to thousands. Use host locations and our local installers to deploy 5G at scale. Turn your rewards into profit, rinse, and repeat for a scalable business model built on the fastest growing crypto network.

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If you have the skills to setup a Baicells antenna and FreedomFi gateway, the network needs you. Get booked from our platform and start earning revenue while you build out the decentralized wireless networks of the future.

Estimate your 5G Rewards

Use our estimator to see just what you could earn by setting up a 5G miner and providing data coverage for the entire network.

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