FreedomFi Setup Guide

How to get your miner online and connected to the blockchain. Start earning $MOBILE the minute your unit is plugged in with this quick and easy setup guide.

FreedomFi Setup Guide

The FreedomFi setup is the most important step in the installation process. The steps below highlight the required steps: 

Screw in the lora antenna to the FreedomFi un

Plug one end of an ethernet cable into the FreedomFi WAN port and other end into your router for internet connection. 

Plug in the power to the FreedomFi unit.

Open the helium app and add a new hotspot by pressing the + in the top right corner.


Select FreedomFi Gateway in the list.


Press the top link to onboard the unit.


Press scan, and scan the bottom QR code on the FreedomFi unit then press next.


Confirm the wallet ID and press next.


When "Press the Pairing Button" appears, quickly press the button and release it.


 Assert your location. Press Set Location to confirm.

If you are using the stock antenna that comes with the FreedomFI, leave this at 1.2dBi and input how high the FreedomFi is from ground level. Press Next.

Look over the information and press register hotspot.

When you see this screen you can press “go to wallet.”


Tap on the >< symbol at the bottom and check if your hotspot is pending or approved, it could take a few minutes if it's pending.


Your FreedomFi has been onboarded! This process must be done before the physical installation. After the physical installation, you need to register the Baicells Antennas.

When connected on the host’s network, go to this link to access the FreedomFi local dashboard. Scroll to the bottom and make sure the unit is up to date, press "update gateway" A green message at the top will tell you if it is up to date.


Now that the unit is up to date, at the top tap on "Radio Dashboard"


If you see "No supported radios are attached to FreedomFi Gateway" This is normal and can take a day or two for the Baicells to update and then they will show up.

Once you see the radios, tap on the selected radio you want to register and then scroll to the bottom and tap on "register radio"

Now it's time to upload the photos we took before and fill in the required information about street address and height. When finished press submit at the bottom.


You are now finished and should get a confirmation number about your process being submitted, it can take a couple days(2-5) to get approved. An email will be sent with your result. Then you will be earning MOBILE tokens.

Keep an eye out in your email for the approval!

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