Equipment Requirements

What you need to get 5G installations done. Grab your best tools and head out on the field to get the job done. Read this complete list of required equipment.

The Things you need to bring on a job

To become a Helium 5G installer you will need to provide your own equipment. The following equipment will be necessary for you to bring to every location:

  • A tall ladder that will allow you to get roof access on a 2 story house. Some locations, if in taller buildings, will provide roof access but at residential locations you can expect to use a ladder to get on the roof. It is important to check with the host beforehand to verify if he has rooftop access and if a ladder is required.
  • Outdoor uv rated pure copper (not CCA) cat 6 ethernet cable. To run the ethernet cables from the radio to indoor hotspot. We recommend you bring 20 ft of cabling for every Baicells Nova 430h antenna being installed. 
  • Cat6 RJ45 terminal ends and cable scissors to cut the cabling and plug them into the FreedomFi modem. There are a total of 3 antennas which can fit into the freedomFi. If you want to install additional antennas you will need to get a POE switch for each port. Under this method you can get up to 6 antennas per FreedomFi installation
  • A power drill will be needed to drill a hole from the roof and run the cabling to the modem. Note that in some instances you can use the chimney to run the cabling, note that the installation needs to be minimally invasive as to gain customer satisfaction.
  • If you do drill a hole in the roof, you will need to provide proper insulation around the hole to ensure there is no leakage in that area.
  • You should bring a staple gun with you to ensure you can stick the wiring as close to the wall as possible, again this is to be minimally invasive.
  • You will need an indoor ethernet cable to run from the freedom fi modem to the internet provider. We recommend bringing 10 ft of that cable to ensure you can reach the internet service provider from the modem.
  • You will also need two phones. This is required to take the pictures which must be submitted for CPI approval. A detailed description of the approval process can be found in the How to install 5G radios section.

There are various bits and bobs that you should keep in mind such as screws, screwdrivers and measuring tapes. It’s good to assume the host will have no tools that could help you.

You need to calculate the internet Speed at the installation location

To maximize your Helium 5G MOBILE tokens there are some guidelines related to internet speed that need to be followed. These requirements are applied on a per radio basis. If you don’t know your current internet speed you will need to run a speed test. This can be ran here:
You will need the following speeds to earn your full rewards.

100% = 100+ Mbps download, 10+Mbps upload and under 50ms latency

50% = 50+Mbps download, 5+Mbps upload and under 75ms latency

25% = 30+Mbps download, 2+Mbps upload and under 100ms latency

No rewards = under 30Mbps download, under 2Mbps upload, over 100ms latency

These requirements are set to increase in the future.

The 5g hotspot will randomly perform a speed test twice per 24 hours, if for some reason the hotspot cannot report the speedtest. The hotspot will try again in 30 minutes. They will take the rolling average of the past 2 to 6 speedtests to decide which category of rewards you fall under.If you do not meet these requirements you can contact your isp(internet service provider) such as Verizon and Comcast to see if they have higher plans available that can meet the demand of the hotspots.

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