Meet a Host or Pre-installed Miner?

Earn your bread when meeting the host, sell yourself well and he will choose your location. Are you trying to sell a pre-installed miner? We have a tool for that.

When to meet a Host

Before a miner is purchased, the host and the deployer meet beforehand to discuss the terms. Typically we see the exchange of reward being 80%-20%. We recommend this split as both parties are properly incentivised and this leads to a win-win situation. The Host feels it’s a win because he gets 20% of the rewards for hosting the miner. There is no cash outlay for the host for 20% of the rewards. A deployer, on the other hand, feels incentivised with 80% of the $MOBILE rewards as they still break even on their investment within 3 months. From our experience managing hosts, we see this reward split to be most beneficial to all parties. Once the agreement is completed and both parties are satisfied with the terms (Period of mining, maintenance requirement, installation requirements…etc ) both parties are ready to sign the host-deployer agreement which highlights the roles and responsibilities of both parties. An example of this agreement is found here (link to the host-deployer agreement found under tools).

We suggest that a Deployer hold a virtual meeting with a host before meeting in person and has 2 important effects. First of all, this gives an opportunity for a Host to showcase to a deployer why he will be the best host available and, for the deployer, it allows him to develop a sense of trust with the host before executing the agreement. From our past deployments, 90% of deployers wanted to meet with a host virtually beforehand. As a host, this is your best chance to convince deployers to join your team and you should therefore be ready to talk on camera and practice your pitch beforehand.

There are a wide variety of hosts that are willing to deploy so it’s important to not just look for the best location but for a host that you trust and that consistently maintain your miner operational throughout the year. Deployers will look at the following main things in hosts:

  • They like hosts that are physically near their location. They like to visit the location beforehand and are sometimes present during the installation process. As a host on our tool, you can expect to meet deployers near your location.
  • They will be very curious about your internet speed. It is important to them and to the whole community that you have enough internet speed to support a 3 Baicells installation. They will ask you for speed tests so be prepared to share those.
  • Although they are the ones who chose and pay for the installation, they want to make sure you have adequate roof access for the installation. Be prepared to explain this with them. 

By following the advice above, you are assured to act a good host in the good faith of your deployer. As your reputation as a host grows within our community, you can expect to get more and more requests from deployers in your services and this is how you build a successful deploying infrastructure like JAG and Longfisolutions. You might be reading all this and thinking how this can be applicable to you if you already have an installed and fully functioning miner but would like to resell it to cash in on your USD investment. Rest assured, we got you covered for that as well as a pre-installed Miner Host.

Pre-Installed Miner Host  

This subsection of hosts are very niche. They apply to individuals who have already purchased from us in the past, have done a deployment and have fully functional setups earning $MOBILE tokens and now want to sell those for profit and 20% of the rewards. In the early days of Helium Deploy, we worked closely with a pre-installed host in Florida. He had multiple locations and even some setups with 7 antennas installed on them. When we approached him with the possibility of selling his pre-installed miners to our clients, he adamantly refused, that is until we introduced him to our bulk customers.

Pre-installed miners are all done through vetted hosts who have a history of deploying miners and maintaining them properly. As a host to be considered as a pre-installed miner, they need to prove optimal speed test with a x 1 multiplier on the Helium Explorer Website and prove that they are actively earning $MOBILE token also verified on that same website. Once proven that all these conditions are met, these pre-installed Miner are sold on the exclusive Helium Deploy marketplace (link to the hosted miner marketplace)

When you have proven to Helium Deploy that you meet the required criteria to be a pre-installed host on our website, we allow you to create your profile on our marketplace. You will be allowed to choose the price at which you sell the miner as well as showcase your location and your internet speed. The type of Deployer who shops on the Helium Deploy marketplace wants immediate delivery. He does not want to wait for an installation or go through the trouble of finding a host himself. He simply wants to sign up to the marketplace, contact a pre-installed miner and have the wallet transferred to him within 5 minutes. The bulk client described in the chapter above fit this persona perfectly. Every Deployer who contacts Helium Deploy has 1 of 2 options:

Option 1- Get a pre-installed miner right away with a host that has already installed the miner. These miners are maintained by the host during the year. The host takes 20% while the deployer gets 80%. 

Option 2- Choose from our hundreds of hosts ready to deploy your miner. After you order your miner, have it shipped to our installer to ensure that the installation gets completed.

For the pre-installed miners, the price split is always 20% to the host and 80% to the deployer. This price split is not negotiable and protects the interest of both parties. The Host feels it’s a win because he gets 20% of the rewards for hosting the miner as well as the profit from selling his miner which is collected in USD. A deployer, on the other hand, feels incentivised with 80% of the $MOBILE rewards as they still break even on their investment within 3 months.

You might be wondering at this point, how can I ensure that I will be able to sell my pre-installed miner for a profit? While it is true that you are responsible for setting the price in our marketplace, we recommend you to list it at a reasonable profit. This is because you will be competing against other pre-installed miners in multiple locations, you want to put all benefits on your side, including having a competitive price. This will increase your chances of being selected. Rest assured however, no pre-installed miner in the history of HeliumDeploy has ever been sold for a loss on the initial investment by pre-installed host

To summarize pre-installed hosts. They initially began as deployers themselves. Purchasing and installing the miner at their location. They have mined some $MOBILE tokens throughout the setup but our now ready to sell it to another deployer for $USD Cash as well as becoming a host on their end and earning 20% of the rewards in perpetuity

They have great locations and are earning maximum rewards. They understand what it entails to be a host, which includes a pledge to keep the miner online for a minimal period of 24 months. If you feel like you can take on the responsibility, you can be incredibly successful if you establish a relationship with a Helium Deploy bulk client.

Location Optimization and Hardware monitoring 

Since the release of the Helium Iot network there have been a number of tools that have been created to help manage Helium miners. Tools like Hotspotty and HotspotRF help plan, monitor and manage miners and payouts. These tools become excessively important to both Hosts and Deployers in 2 separate ways:

  • As a host, it is important that you can monitor all your wallets to ensure that  you are received the expected 20% rewards
  • As a deployer, who has many locations, you want a tool to see all your locations in the same dashboard. This gives you the capability to diagnose any issue you may encounter in one central location which is important as you scale your operations

As mentioned above, we have solutions for you to perform these tasks through 3rd party providers. HotspotRF and Hotspotty provide you the tools you need to self-diagnose the issues whereas third party providers like JAG can fully take on the support function of your fleet of miners including diagnosis and fixing any problem that can occur. JAG offers a very affordable monthly fee for this feature and we at Helium Deploy can provide you with the right contacts.

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