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The helium IoT network once introduced a concept to the network called “host”. Individuals looking to mine HNT without putting in any investment...

Everything you need to know about becoming a Host

Learn how to host a 5G miner and earn 20% of miners with 0% investment.

The helium IoT network once introduced a concept to the network called “host”. Individuals looking to mine HNT without putting in any investment could do so by leveraging their rooftops. Today, with less than 8000 miners deployed, hosting your location is looking like an excellent opportunity. If your looking to start mining $Mobile tokens but don't want to put in any investment, hosting could be good for you.

In this article, we will briefly explain the steps to becoming a 5G host with a 0$ investment. We will dive into the steps and requirements to apply and what it takes to become a successful host taking feedback from our best host in the space.

The hosting program is also very important for the Helium ecosystem because it's what allows Canadians and Europeans to also participate in mining Mobile tokens.

If you're a deployer but don’t have access to the right location with the right internet speed then you can also choose a host in the US, and start mining 5G without lifting a finger.

You can apply to become a host here, once accepted, investors can start reaching out to you.

To clarify, we will use the term investor as an individual who is looking to deploy with a host and owns a majority stake of the miner.

The requirement to deploy 5G  

You will need to have access to a location in the U.S. and access to a rooftop. There is also a required internet speed and a commitment to being a host. As we mentioned in our CBRS (US only) section, the US is the only country right now where you can mine 5G. Recently, the FCC has allowed the public use of the CBRS brand unlicensed, so don't worry about any licenses.

Our hosting tool is designed to help Canadians and Europeans unlock 5G deployment. You also have the option of increasing your earnings by purchasing more stake in your Helium 5G miner. You will have to speak to your investor to get an agreement with him.

EG: Investor in Canada and Host in Florida came to an agreement to split the rewards 50%-50% of a 1X Baicell bundle FreedomFi at $2499. The cost of the miner was also split ($2000 for the investor and $500 for the host). In this form, you will have to enter all your locations and the reservation fee you want to apply for each of them. You are obliged to do an internet speed and send us back the result since the minimum download speed is 100 Mbps per outdoor antenna that is installed. Finally after choosing your reward share, your application will be sent for approval by our team.  It is recommended to also send us a video of you explaining why you would be a great host. Your video will be shown to other deployers so it’s important to make a good first impression. 

Tips to become a host  

There are currently some great ways that you can attract the best deployers. Deployers are looking for a trusted host so it’s important to have a clear video explaining how you are going to maintain their miner throughout the year. The introduction video can also include any previous experience you can show them with regard to installing antennas, how you will access your rooftop and your passion for Helium 5G. This will give investors more confidence in choosing you as a host. If you have more than one location also worth mentioning in the video. That way you can have deployers look at your other locations within our tool. The more locations you have, the better opportunities you have of being selected. This is because deployers like to work with hosts in a similar area. Having multiple locations also unlocks the SuperHost feature for you:


In some cases, hosts are capable of giving multiple locations and in some cases also providing the installation for them. Superhost currently works with select deployers to cover very specific areas. Generally, we see super hosts reaching out to friends and family to take a finder’s fee (5%-10% per location) and help manage those locations. If you feel like this is a project for you, SuperHosts are vetted by Helium Deploy beforehand. They must present a plan on how they will maintain the equipment, and explain how they will meet the minimum internet requirements in each location. Upon selection, super hosts are invited to meet with someone from our team and get preferred Helium Deploy treatment in terms of support and the possibility to meet more investors and grow your business quicker

Super hosts have a great contribution to the network in that they ensure investors get to cover more concentrated area's. In some cases, profiles like these super hosts have gained access to a large amount of real estate development within a given area. They work out deals with their tenants and have a controlled way of managing their hosts. Companies like Jag and Hexagon have been formed to allow deployers to have access to thousands of locations within a given area and can be considered SuperHosts  

From the investor's point of view, there are many advantages of working with a Superhost:

1-  Payouts and management are minimized by dealing with one person who has experience in this type of transaction and who has been vetted by Helium Deploy.

2-  Access to multiple locations nearby for creating the coverage for their own 5G network pocket within their community. Superhosts are those best positioned to build a Helium 5G network within their community and receive a lot of $MOBILE tokens as a reward for doing so. 

3-  Installation costs are typically negotiated lower with Super Hosts since they can benefit from economies of scale. Superhosts carry all the best equipment and usually purchase materials in bulk allowing them to reduce their installation costs for you.

To conclude, hosts are encouraged to use their imagination to find a good opportunity to monetize from locations in their circle. If you are interested in leveraging your home to earn some extra income with no investment, come talk to us. We have a good amount of hosts who have provided their best location and are now earning a good amount of $Mobile tokens.

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