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Helium 5G Growth

Tackling data demands

As streaming services like Netflix and YouTube become ever more popular, people are also relying on apps like Zoom for work meetings and Facetime to keep in touch with friends. To meet the rising internet demand from this digital surge, Helium 5G is here to provide solutions!

Powered by the people

Our nation is going wireless, thanks to the pioneering work of people like you. No longer reliant on legacy companies such as Nokia or Ericsson for network infrastructure, we are taking our country into a new era of connectivity!

Helium 5G Rewards

Reap the rewards

Become part of the revolution. Join the Helium 5G network and get rewarded for providing wireless coverage. Fast internet connectivity is no longer an issue with this reliable and secure future-proof technology.

Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller, USA
One of our most experienced deployers. His work has contributed to successfully setting up multiple units across the United States!
500 Million Mobile
Andre Kennedy
Andre Kennedy, Canada
A valued customer of ours. His presence extends across the United States with numerous units under his name.

Helium 5G Community

Meet the partners

These partners embracing the potential of Helium 5G and are actively working to capitalize on it.

Baicells Logo

A premier radio manufacturer, has proudly joined forces with Helium 5G to provide the high-performance radios necessary for T-Mobile's advanced wireless coverage. With teams dedicated to excellence at work on both sides of this collaboration, customers can expect top quality service from one of world’s most reputable networks!

T-Mobile Logo

Helium 5G's partnership with T-Mobile is helping to revolutionize the cellular coverage industry. By providing customers with cost-effective plans, both companies are delivering unbeatable value and creating a delighted customer base!

Helium 5G is emerging as a leader in its field.

With their swift speeds, reduced installation time and cost-effectiveness, Helium 5G is an undeniable victor in the race to modernize wireless networks. A seamless 3 hour setup puts them lightyears ahead of legacy companies like Ericson, Nokia & Huawei who still take weeks for installations costing 100k - a dramatic contrast to Helium's innovative 2500$ solution.

Helium 5G
Old Helium Competitors

Andreessen Horowitz, the revered venture capital firm that famously backed Facebook, Uber and Airbnb in their early stages of growth, has invested a gargantuan $100M into Helium. This latest move cements its legacy as one of Silicon Valley's premier investment powers.

Leading the new wave in technology.

Helium 5G partners

Google Ventures
Seeed Studio
Andreessen Horowitz

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