As a deployer, who are your partners?

As a deployer you need top people skills to surround yourself with the right people. Learn what makes a top partner for your deployer empire.


When you decide to become a deployer for Helium Deploy, we got you covered! We will help you find a local host to ease up your deployments. You will have access to a pool of hosts part of the Helium Deploy community. Say goodbye to the days where you’d have to go door to door to find potential hosts. Deployers love that we removed the burden of finding hosts away from them. Without Helium Deploy a regular deployer would generally go out on a limb, knock on doors to try to find hosts. Now it’s just 2 clicks away. We know better than anyone that when it comes to Deployments finding hosts is a pain in the butt. I remember when we Helium Deploy was deploying our first batch of 150 Lora gateways, finding hosts was hard. We had to compromise on bad locations due to our lack of locations! These days are gone. When you’re an approved deployer with Helium Deploy you will have access to hosts all over the United States.

Trusted Installers

Finding the host is the first step of your journey as a deployer, the second step is matching you with an installer who can support you in your growth. One of the keys to Jeremy Miller’s success as a large deployer is his relationship with Lee Hodge, one of our trusted installers in the Florida area. Lee is able to travel to do installations and has always given exemplary service to Jeremy Miller, supporting him in his growth and success. What we strive for at Helium Deploy is customer satisfaction; we are a rare pedigree in the crypto world who do things right and fair for our customers. We have the best customer support and shipping times in the industry and we are proud of this. We hold our installers to that same level of honesty and strive towards doing things well. Our Installers are reviewed based on their performance, any installer that has anything less than a 5 star review gets dropped from our program. The people we work with are all professionals, they have the required licenses to install CBRS small cell antennas and the adequate insurance to install these units 20 feet in the air. They do things by the book and they do things well. 

To get access to our trusted installers, you need to demonstrate that you’re going to hold up your side of the bargain and be a great deployer to them. Every great business relationship is a win-win for both parties and to create a win for these installers, they expect to get a continuous stream of work into the future. Our best installers will only work with Deployers who are looking to do multiple locations. If you feel you meet this criteria, get in contact with a Helium Deploy team member who will set up a virtual meeting between you and the installer. If, on the other hand, you want to deploy at a lower scale, rest assured we have a huge bank of smaller scale installers that have been vetted by Helium Deploy and can service specific geographical areas. These installers can be contacted via our installation tool. Just put in your address and we will match you with installers near you.

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