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January 6, 2023
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Why FreedomFi is the best helium 5G miner

With FreedomFi being an integral part of Helium. This device could be the only one to support next-generation protocols.

Why FreedomFi is the best helium 5G miner


As of today (Jan 5th, 2023), only two Helium 5G miner manufacturers exist. FreedomFi and Bobcat. The pickings are slim at the moment. Bobcat was a reputable brand with their Bobcat 300 in the early LoRa days. Will their Bobber 500 live up to the same expectation? Only time will tell. While FreedomFi, on the other hand, went into “5G” from the start. So if you purchased a FreedomFi back in the day, you could still use it to mine mobile tokens today. They were thinking about the future when designing this machine.


FreedomFi has recently joined Nova Labs, It's the people who founded the Helium Network. So you can guarantee that they will ensure their brand of machines gets the best support and updates before any other vendor. All the Helium 5G miners at the moment run FreedomFi software. Other vendors selling Helium 5G miners will come second after FreedomFi, whether they wish to admit it or not.

Why avoid the Bobber 500

Heres the main reason why I recommend you not buy a Bobber 500, and go with the FreedomFi. You can only connect one radio to a Bobber 500. I know someone is upset with how that is worded but hear me out. The Bobber 500 has one port for one radio, while the FreedomFi has three ports for three radios. The Bobber 500 can add more radios, just like the FreedomFi does. The problem is as a user. You will need another piece of hardware: a networking switch to add more radios. Bobcat does include a Poe switch, although of questionable quality. When you buy a bundle now. They know people want to connect more, or why else would they include it now? Why not design the unit with more ports from the start? Your guess is as good as mine. I am going to use the assumption it was a cost factor. But I don’t know exactly why they went down this path. If you want to go beyond three radios, you will need a switch, even with the FreedomFi. But at least you can select your switch. I prefer known brands such as Cisco, Linksys, Ubiquiti, etc.

Future of FreedomFi

With FreedomFi being an integral part of Helium. This device could be the only one to support next-generation protocols, such as Helium WiFi. Although we have no evidence to support this, it is just something to keep in mind. These protocols have been spoken about in the past. If any machine is future-proof, I will bet it’s the FreedomFi. Just like how it was the first “5G” hotspot in the LoRa days.

Units deployed

We can see that FreedomFi is outperforming the Bobber 500 at a ratio of 6:1. Take a look at these numbers here. I will have to clear them, but we can see only 377 Bobber 500 deployed. That's a small number.

The 9,436 from FreedomFi is just the total they have ever sold. There are about 8000 radios around the USA at the moment. Let's assume each miner has three radios installed. That would mean about 2289 FreedomFi used for 5G. Now, these are just estimates, but you can understand what I mean by there being a lot more FreedomFi sold over the Bobber 500. There could be better ways to calculate this, but in the end, FreedomFi is still the winner here.

Which Helium 5G miner is the best?

All things considered. FreedomFi is the only option that makes sense. There is no advantage the Bobber 500 offers at the moment. Only the disadvantage of a single radio port. These units cost the same price. Until other brands come out and we can compare them. I recommend the FreedomFi 5G miner.

If you would like to purchase a FreedomFi 5G miner. We have the fastest shipping, you can buy on our site:

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