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December 26, 2022
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What is Helium 5G?

Keep hearing people talking about Helium 5G being the next best thing? But have no idea what Helium 5G is?

What is Helium 5G?

What is Helium 5G?

Let's clear one thing up before starting. Its name.

Helium 5G is not genuine "5G," as you call it. It's really "4G LTE" wireless. People say I need some "Kleenex," but it's called "Tissue paper." It's the same idea. "Helium 5G" is just the brand name of this wireless service.

This is a direct quote from FreedomFi(A company that is part of Helium)

"And, yes, we admit that we call this setup Helium 5G vs. LTE because it sounds cooler. If everybody else in the industry can, so can we."

 Link to quote: Here

So it is called "Helium 5G" because it sounds cooler than LTE. Now that that controversial piece is out of the way, let's continue.

Helium 5G is a wireless network in the USA. Think of a new option like T-Mobile and AT&T. It's a network run by people like you and me. You can buy sim cards to use their network like any other phone company. Right now, it's Data only. You will be able to receive calls and texts in the future according to their plans. Another thing and the most interesting to people is. We get paid for providing wireless coverage. It almost sounds too good to be true. Keep reading below to understand more.

How do I get paid?

To get paid, you need to provide coverage for the wireless network. The big guys, like T-Mobile and AT&T, pay other companies like Mastec to set up these towers with radios to provide wireless coverage to people around. These towers cost 100,000$+ to make. It's a costly thing to do. They also keep all the profits for providing wireless coverage.

Helium 5G approach is very different. People like you and I would go out and buy a bundle that provides wireless coverage. These bundles start at 2499$. That gets you one radio to put on your roof and one gateway. Think of the radio as an antenna that goes on your roof to provide a wireless signal. You can think of the gateway as your internet modem/router. It gives the internet to your radio on the roof. Once you set up the radio, you are ready to earn. 

How do the rewards work?

I will keep this short and straightforward. We are currently in a phase called "Genesis" This phase encourages people to set up these bundles and rewards us with lots of MOBILE tokens as a reward for doing that. Let's say you bought a 2499$ bundle. You will get about 25,000 MOBILE tokens per day! This is supposed to end early in Q1 2023. The reward structure will be changed to a way called "Modeled Coverage" To make it simple. You will not be getting your 25,000 tokens daily anymore for just having the machine plugged in. It will depend on how much wireless coverage your radio will cover. The best way to maximize this is to point your radio in the direction with the least amount of obstructions.

How much money can I make?

So you get paid in MOBILE tokens for providing wireless coverage. Think of a MOBILE token as a Bitcoin. It's just another token.

As of today (Dec 26, 2023), these coins are not listed on any major exchanges to trade, so there is no "official value" to them right now. But listen, you are here for answers. These MOBILE tokens are being traded over group chats like Discord and Telegram. The average price right now we see it being sold for is 0.0007$ for each coin. This means if you trade your MOBILE tokens, you should be netting bout 17.5$ a day right now with this current price estimate being used.

Once these MOBILE tokens are listed on a major exchange, we think the price will be over 0.002$ each. That would give you a daily earning of 50$ a day. So the 2499$ bundle would be paid off in 50 days!

What's the future of Helium 5G?

Helium 5G deployments are growing faster each day. It's only a matter of time before Helium 5G becomes a big player in the wireless industry. For the more prominent providers like T-Mobile and AT&T, Helium 5G could become their preferred method of deployment rather than the legacy companies like Mastec. Nobody can tell the future, but we have high hopes that Helium 5G will pull this off. If anything is proof, look at how successfully they deployed the LoRa network. They managed to deploy worldwide in less than two years which is unprecedented. Remember that this was their first attempt, and it grew faster than expected.

Should you get into Helium 5G?

With everything in life to make money, there's a risk/reward. Few things in life can ROI in 50 days. With all things considered and thought about, I would still get invested in Helium 5G. The rewards still outweigh the risks. And for an entry cost of 2499$, it's pretty decent—my one word of advice with crypto projects. Get in as early as you can, and risk what you can afford to lose. Helium 5G has only been around for several months. It's still the early days. These days won't last forever, though. Remember when you missed out on bitcoin being 100$.

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