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January 10, 2023
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What HIP74 means for Helium 5G rewards

HIP74 introduces a considerable change. Coverage points.

What HIP74 means for Helium 5G rewards

Rewards are changing

The most important news we all want to know. What does this mean for our rewards. Don't worry. We got you covered. Let's start by saying this only affects Mobile. Your HNT rewards are not being changed.

HIP74 introduces a considerable change. Coverage points. Coverage points are a system to measure how much coverage your radio is providing. This calculates your reward points, which then equal mobile tokens.

You will no longer earn mobile rewards for simply having your radio online. The number of rewards you earn will be determined by the coverage provided. So if your Baicells 430H is facing a wall, I have bad news for you.

Indoor radio rewards

The rewards for indoor radios are straightforward to calculate. This is the coverage of an indoor radio. See below. It covers a total of 7 hexes max.

The center hex in green will earn the most because that's where the strongest signal is. So it will earn 400 coverage points. Now the adjacent hexes will earn each 100 points. That brings the total coverage points to 1000.

Outdoor radio rewards, Baicells 430H

I will be talking about the Baicells 430H here. Now when it comes to calculating the rewards for this, it becomes more complex. Here is a typical Baicells 430H installed on a residential roof aimed toward the street.

Here is the coverage on the new 5G Helium Explorer.

We can see a lot more hexes everywhere, you will earn rewards based on the level of the signal in each hex.

Excellent signal(red) earns 16 points per hex

Decent signal(green) earns 8 points per hex

Low signal(purple) earns 4 points per hex

You know what to do now, right? Add them all up. I will color them in, so it's easier to follow.

We got: 16 red, 90 green, 70 purples. For a total of 1256 coverage points. That's 256 more than the indoor.


Outdoor radio rewards, Baicells 436H

I will not go into details since it's a very costly setup, and only a few people do them. But take a look at the coverage of a proper installation.

I don't need to say much here. The rewards must be massive.

How many Mobile tokens will I earn?

The great question we all want to know. For this, I will use numbers directly from HIP74. They use 6.54 as the estimate. This is the number of mobile tokens you would receive per coverage point. Using that, we can see the reward:

Indoor: 6540 Mobile tokens
430H: 8214 Mobile tokens

These are not accurate numbers of Mobile tokens to earn, but the coverage points are valid and will still fit into this equation.

The 430H installation varies at each location. The numbers could be higher or lower. This is what the average installation will look like.

Which radio should I get?

It depends.

A proper setup of a 430H will earn more than a indoor radio. If you can do a good install this is a good option. It can also be used for another project called XNET. Do you live in an apartment and can't mount a radio outside? Indoor is your best bet. Are you a real professional installer have access to towers? The 436H is there for you.


Don't like this change? You can vote!

Suppose you disagree with these changes. Now is the time to speak up and put your HNT where your mouth is. Everyone holding HNT can vote either a yes or no. This vote will only last for a week. If the vote does not pass. None of this will happen. You can vote by clicking here.




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