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February 10, 2023
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The difference between Helium 5G radios

Baicells and Mosolabs are Helium 5G radio leaders. We will go over their product lines.

The difference between Helium 5G radios

What are the differences in radios?

We are going to be looking at the different Baicells and Mosolabs radios. Each radio has pros and cons, from the ease of installation to how many mobile rewards you will earn. This will help you pick what is best for you. No matter which radio you choose, you will still need a FreedomFi gateway, which costs $999 on top of the radio cost.


Indoor radios (Mosolabs)

Indoor radios are the cheapest radios. They are by far the easiest to install. Anyone can install these in about 30 minutes at home. But installing it in a coffee shop or mall where there is lots of foot traffic is recommended. You plug them into the FreedomFi gateway and place a GPS module outside to get a signal. With the ease of installation comes lower rewards. You can expect the signal range to be about 500 ft. These radios are capped at 1000 coverage points. Expect an estimate of 6500 mobile tokens per day when PoC becomes active. This unit costs $999.

Outdoor radios (Baicells 430h)

These radios are more difficult to install than indoors and should be installed on roofs. They require photos taken of the installation to pass CPI approval. It could take several days to install if problems arise in the installation process. On average, these radios earn about 2000 to 4000 coverage points. There are some exceptional installs that we have seen earn 8000+ coverage points. This radio could still be installed by an average user, although challenging. The expected signal range is around 1200ft. The cost of this radio alone is around $1,600. We estimate approximately 19,500 mobile tokens per day. You can buy the radio alone here, or bundle here. We cannot recommend the Mosolabs outdoor radio for reasons found here.

High-power outdoor radio (Baicells 436h)

The king of outdoor radios. These radios are the most difficult to install and are not recommended for home installations. These should be installed by professionals on towers or commercial buildings. The range of these units is about 5200ft with line of sight, raking in the highest rewards, averaging around 20,000 to 60,000 coverage points. Suppose you are looking to make a significant investment. This is the route to go with various configurations. You can expect to pay north of 10,000 $ per radio + antennas and other needed services to get this running. We can estimate around 260,000 mobile tokens per day with these numbers.


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If you want to avoid dealing with the hassle of doing a radio installation or live outside the USA, you can quickly purchase an already-installed Helium 5G miner from If you want to learn more about Moken, click here.

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