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January 26, 2023
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The death of Pollen Mobile?

The PCN coin has no utility now, and the community is in shambles. Is it the end?

The death of Pollen Mobile?

What happened?

On Jan 24, 2023, Pollen told the community new changes are coming to their project. The main point was to explain how they want to get away from using the PCN token and start using USD as the primary payment method for paid data—essentially rendering the PCN token useless.

PCN token value has been destroyed.

Pollen has decided to set the value of the PCN to 10 cents as a "stablecoin." You will still be rewarded with PCN for providing coverage with devices, but capped at a price. If you want to purchase data to use their network, you can only pay 25% of the payment in PCN.

The investment opportunities are gone.

People buy pollen radios as an investment. They want to make money, only a few care about the actual coverage of the network. If they do, it's to ensure their investment is safe and grows. This does not exist now, with the PCN token set to the stable price of 10 cents. With obsolete use case for these tokens, ask yourself. Why would anyone want to purchase a token that doesn't do anything? The dream of hitting it big is now gone.

Can Pollen mobile be trusted?

With no heads-up to the community nor any hints of any massive changes coming such as this. It's hard to trust this company any longer. They decided to change the company's direction without asking the community for feedback. The hardware sales are still going on without an explicit mention of the change on the sales page, which shows their intentions are for themselves and not the community.

A better alternative. Helium.

I will be a sellout here and have to pitch Helium to the Pollen community. Helium has a voting system that would prevent a significant unwanted change from happening if the majority votes against it. Another positive is Helium wants to alleviate your pain from the drastic pollen change by offering to buy back your pollen radios.

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