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February 17, 2023
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Start mining Helium 5G in the UK

Did you know you could mine Helium 5G in the UK?

Start mining Helium 5G in the UK

Helium 5G in the UK?

You can mine Helium 5G in the UK. You can, not in the sense of installing your hardware in the UK. Instead, there is a marketplace for already installed Helium 5G miners that people from the UK and anywhere else can purchase from. It's called Moken.

Pre-installed Helium 5G miners?

Usually, people buy their radio and Helium 5G gateway, such as FreedomFi. Then spend a couple of days installing it on a roof, taking photos, and doing the CPI approval process, not including all the problems that could arise, such as radios not showing up in the local dashboard.

The pre-installed Helium 5G miners take care of all these problems. It's what it sounds like. A pre-installed Helium 5G miner. These are already set up in the USA, earning Mobile tokens. So all the hassles of the setup process are already done.

What is Moken?

Moken is the marketplace for pre-installed helium 5G miners. It allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to get into  Helium 5G mining. With a few simple clicks, you can start earning mobile tokens without any headaches from the setup process. When using Moken, there are advantages vs setting one up yourself. First off, it's instant when you buy a radio off Moken. It's earning right away, with payouts to your helium wallet happening every week. And You can see the coverage points before buying a radio. Coverage points will be used in the future to calculate mobile rewards, so it's best to check out the blog here for more details how to pick the best radios.

All radios sold on Moken are managed by their own deployers. Deployers are the people who set up the radio and are responsible for its maintenance. HeliumDeploy does not manage any of the radios sold on Moken. However, HeliumDeploy has vetted all deployers to ensure quality.


If you want to start mining Helium 5G in the UK, you can do that today by visiting It's the only way to begin mining Helium 5G outside the USA.

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