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December 14, 2022
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Real-World Helium 5G Applications. Data Offloading.

Everyone wants to know about real-world applications for crypto. Helium 5G has so many to offer, learn about them here.

Real-World Helium 5G Applications. Data Offloading.

Are you wondering what a valuable application for Helium 5G could be?
Glad you asked. I will review one of the most impactful applications that could affect millions. Data offloading.

You might not realize, but you have already been affected by the congestion of 5G towers. Let me give you a real-world example.

You're at a concert—recording videos on your phone to post to TikTok. You go to upload it, and bam. The internet is garbage, and you cannot post your video. Now what is happening here isn't the internet being garbage. It's the 5G tower being overwhelmed with too many people connected at once. The tower can only handle so many people simultaneously, and you know how many people go to concerts, so you can understand why there are always problems. This is where the Helium 5G can save the day.

There might only be one or two 5G towers around the concert area. It's costly for companies to deploy these vast towers. Now Helium 5G, on the other hand. The radio we can deploy is much cheaper, although they are far from the same in terms of performance. We can deploy much more of them cheaply to make up for it.
In the future, we want to be partnered with T-Mobile/Verizon. So when a customer of theirs is in a location that is too overcrowded and cannot keep up with the demand in the area, if there are Helium 5G radios around, the clients could be offloaded to these radios improving their speeds and keeping the customer happy. It would happen seamlessly, and the customer wouldn't even know it was happening.

Since in the future we will be rewarded for data transfer per radio. Suppose you install a radio at a prime location like a concert. You can only imagine how much data will be transferred in places like that. Video files are big, and people live stream the event.

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