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August 11, 2023
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The Moken Bounty Program

You can earn $1000s by simply finding locations. Do you know real estate or businesses owners, or simply have the hustle to find contacts in your local area?

The Moken Bounty Program

The Moken Explorer

If you have yet to see it, we launched a version of the Helium Explorer on Moken:

Here, you can see all your hotspot activity, rewards, 5G rewards, and more. We provide daily notifications of your earnings (click "Get Notified"), all for free, without the need for an account.

Location, Location, Location

To make this even better, we just launched our location bounty program.

Helium has been launching features extremely quickly with the rollout of the Helium Mobile cellular plans. All of this is part of the 5G mining roadmap, getting customers on an unbeatable data plan, and building out coverage to provide data transfer.

What makes the entire system work is prime locations. Without radios installed where Helium Mobile customers are, these cellphone users are simply hitting the T-Mobile network.

That's where Moken comes in. We find the best locations, deploy hotspots and manage them remotely, and let you take ownership. You may not live downtown in a huge city, so installing on your home roof might not provide the most useful coverage. But your capital can be put to good use through Moken, building coverage in the right areas with a managed service keeping your hotspot online and earning.

The Bounty Program

Moken has a few ways to source quality locations for installations, but we're launching the most exciting one yet.

You can earn $1000s by simply finding locations. Do you know real estate or businesses owners, or simply have the hustle to find contacts in your local area?

For a successful installation, we're paying one-time fees of up to $4000. Here's how it works:

  1. Find a the owner of a location in the Bounty Map
  2. Submit the location by clicking Claim Bounty (or head directly to the Bounty Form here)
  3. We will either reject or approve your location
  4. If approved, we will get in touch for an installation date
  5. You earn your full bonus upon successful installation, paid in USD

Anyone can take part, all you need is the hustle to bring in quality locations.

Other Criteria

To make an installation a success, you'll need a few things:

  • Rooftop Access (so the building contact will need to be an owner or equivalent)
  • Fast internet (ideal speed of 1Gbps +)
  • Clear lines of sight (if the building is surrounded by trees, signal won't go very far)


While you approach potential hosts to collect bounties, you'll likely get some questions. Here's a common list to help you provide the most accurate information:

Q: What does the host earn?

A: 15% of mining rewards. A usual install is 3 radios. Based on today's earning, that's 12000*3*0.15 = 5400 mobile tokens daily, for 3 430H antennas installed at the location.

Q: What happens after submitting a location?

A: Here is the current step-by-step process until you receive your bounty amount: (ETA under 1 month)

  • Location is reviewed
  • Location is approved
  • Contract sent to host
  • Contract signed
  • Location + unit is listed for sale
  • Unit is sold and shipped to location
  • Unit is installed -> Bounty is paid
Q: Does the bounty hunter have to get a contract signed with the location owner?

A: Yes

Q: Does the host have to pay for any hardware?

A: No

Q: How is the bounty hunter securing the locations paid?

A: By direct deposit to a bank account at the last step in the process listed above.

Q: How should a bounty hunter get locations?

A: Your creativity is the secret here, but here are some ways to get starter:
In person visits, cold calls to locations, reaching out to real estate brokers, messaging contracting companies for contacts, contacting business owners to get building owner info (or business owners for indoor locations).

Q: Is electricity cost or internet usage covered?

A: Electricity usage is minimal, and any heavy internet usage is compensated through Helium rewards of data usage for your unit. Moken doesn't supplement this incentive, but Helium provides Data Transfer rewards at $0.50/Gb.

For more ideas and information, come to the weekly information session:

Start Location Hunting

So what are you waiting for? Head to the Bounty Map and start securing your next location.

You might have just found your next side hustle.

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