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January 26, 2023
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Maximize your Helium 5G Mobile rewards using water

I was going through the numbers on the new Helium Explorer. Several setups completely blow away the competition.

Maximize your Helium 5G Mobile rewards using water
UPDATE (Jan 18th, 2023): There is new information that Helium will "deboost" water hexes making them worthless and "boost" areas with high population. This information below will probably not work. Still serves for historical purpose. Props to Helium for addressing the problem before it becomes exploited.

A little introduction

HIP74 has passed, and changes are coming to Helium 5G that will affect how you earn mobile tokens. Regardless of whether people connect to it, you will earn tokens based on how much "coverage" your radio provides.

What we have discovered

Going through the numbers on the new Helium Explorer. Several setups completely blow away the competition compared to a "proper" install. I will be focusing on how to maximize radio placement by completely ignoring the future PoC model, were you will be rewarded for the amount of traffic going through your radios. By going this route, you can maximize the rewards you will earn until PoC comes into effect. As a con to this approach, you will most likely need to re-adjust your radio position or move it entirely later on when this method is over due to the later PoC being in effect.

Water is your best friend.

We can see this in the Helium Explorer. Several installations are aimed toward the water and get massive coverage. Their radio coverage points are through the roof. So if you live near the water, aim it towards the water with the least amount of obstructions. The more mobile tokens you will earn. See the examples below.

17,212 points

10,528 points

17,848 points

12,372 points

16,076 points

15,624 points


When we compare, an average residential outdoor radio installation earns between 500-2500 points vs. 10,000+ with the water installs, you can quickly see how lucrative it is to have radios aimed towards the water. You increase your earnings tenfold. Therefore, if you live beside the water or have access to a location on the water, you should exercise this option before it's no longer a viable one.

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