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December 14, 2022
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It's official. The Genesis period has been extended!

The genesis period is the early reward stage for Helium where rewards are split evenly. It's been extended! Discover exactly what that means for your miner.

It's official. The Genesis period has been extended!

We've hoped that the Genesis period would be extended from comments left by NOVA staff on Discord.


Today is the official announcement about the Genesis Period being extended to January 2023. You can see it here!


If you need to get more familiar with what the Genesis Period is. When you install a 5G hotspot and the radio, you will earn MOBILE tokens for just having the machine online, regardless of location.


What does this mean for you? It was supposed to end in November. Ending all these easy rewards for those who got in early. But now, since it's been extended, you can continue to enjoy these rewards until January! 


Many people felt they missed out on the Genesis Period. Well, here is your second chance. Suppose you were on edge about buying a unit before. I would jump in now while they are still in stock. You can buy a bundle here!


As of today. Nov 4th, 2022. You are earning around 29,000 MOBILE tokens per Baicell 430h outdoor radio. As more people join the network, the rewards will go down more and more. So it's essential if you want a bunch of tokens to get in earlier than later.


When the Genesis Period is over, these easy rewards will be gone and switched to "PoC," where you will be rewarded for data transfer and mappers passing by your hotspot.

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