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February 8, 2023
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How to pick the best Helium 5G radios on is a marketplace where anyone anywhere in the world can buy a pre-installed Helium 5G radio in the USA.

How to pick the best Helium 5G radios on

What is MOKEN? is a marketplace where anyone anywhere in the world can buy a pre-installed Helium 5G radio in the USA. When you buy a radio on Moken, you start earning mobile tokens immediately, With payouts to your helium wallet weekly. The radio stays installed in the USA. There is no work for you to do. You sit back and earn mobile tokens. These radios are not managed by HeliumDeploy. Each radio has their own Deployer to manage and support them and a description written by the Deployer about them.

The best part is. These units are financed. The payments start at $500/month for five months. After that you fully own the radio and will continue to enjoy the hassle free Helium 5G experience.

How to pick the best radio.

Selecting the best radios on is easy. Filter by Coverage points.

This will sort the radios with the highest coverage points first. The best radios are the ones with the highest coverage points. They will earn the most mobile tokens once PoC comes into effect.

What are coverage points?

Coverage points are the new way you will earn mobile tokens in the future. When you know how many coverage points, you can get a rough estimate of how many mobile tokens you will earn. You multiply the coverage points by the estimate of 6.54, as given in HIP74.

The image above shows that the first radio has 8352 coverage points. Times that by 6.54, and we get an estimated 54,622 Mobile tokens a day. The second radio would be 18,259 Mobile tokens. Just about three times more than the second radio. Again, these estimates are when PoC would come into effect.

Why buy from Moken and not set up my own?

Moken is instant and available to anyone worldwide. However, to set up your own, you need to live in the USA and go through the tedious installation process. One of the best advantages is knowing the coverage points in advance. It's impossible to know your own coverage points before the setup has been completed. You can only see this information once a radio has been set up.

How to buy on Moken?

You can access to buy units bypassing the wait list by visiting

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