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December 14, 2022
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How to Mine Helium 5G Outside the USA

Mining 5G is only available in the USA. How can you get around that and mine it? We have the solution for you. Read below to see how.

How to Mine Helium 5G Outside the USA

Do you want to mine Helium 5G and get some MOBILE tokens? Unfortunately, you are out of luck if you live outside the USA. Or at least you were.

HeliumDeploy has a hosting program that will let anyone outside the USA mine MOBILE tokens.

How does it work, you ask? Well, it's pretty simple. 

We will find a premium location in the USA. Then use a professional installer to install the hotspot and radios.

Once installed and earning MOBILE tokens, we will transfer the hotspot ownership to you. You will then have full ownership of the wallet.

Now you will earn a partial amount of tokens each day. You will get 80% of the MOBILE tokens.

The person hosting the miner in the USA (the hotspot and radios are installed at their location) will get 20% per day as the "hosting fee."

And that's how the HeliumDeploy 5G Hosting program works. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out via Facebook, Email, or Discord.

Click here to start mining outside the USA in 10 minutes.

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