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January 26, 2023
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HIP75 vote is now live!

They want to introduce a new model called "programmatic minting," but for clarity's sake, think of it like the genesis period

HIP75 vote is now live!

What's this?

The folks at Helium still have not finished their migration to the Solana blockchain and will run out of pre-mined MOBILE tokens in the Treasury to issue to everyone by February 1st, 2023.

HIP75 will allow them to initiate programmatic minting of MOBILE tokens using Helium L1 blockchain starting February 1st, 2023.

They want to introduce the new model as "programmatic minting," but for clarity's sake, think of it like the genesis period, where you will continue to earn mobile tokens for just having your radio online.

How to cast your vote

The process is simple if you have never voted for a HIP before. Click here, select vote options, and cast your vote. There is a 35 cents fee to vote. This will be taken from your Helium wallet as a DC burn of 35,000 credits. If you do not have enough HNT in your wallet you will not be able to vote.

What happens if the vote does not pass?

According to HIP75, if the vote does not pass. You will earn double the current mobile tokens, but the PoC algorithm will not change.

If this change is not implemented and we start emitting tokens based on the schedule proposed in HIP53, 5G Hotspot Owners will earn 6.6B MOBILE tokens per month beginning February 1st. The rewards will more than double compared to the Genesis period, but the PoC algorithm will stay the same. We think that rewards should reflect the maturity and evolution of the technical aspects of the Network, and adjusting the emissions curve is necessary to reflect the shifts in PoC timelines.

Will this change my HNT rewards?

No, HIP75 will only change the rewards for MOBILE. Nothing will change regarding HNT rewards.

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