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February 2, 2023
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HIP69, Is Helium encouraging cheaters?

Its goal is to temporarily reduce the location assertion fee by half.

HIP69, Is Helium encouraging cheaters?

The low down?

Helium has a new vote in town, HIP69. Its goal is to reduce the location assertion fee by half in hopes that more honest people will properly assert their correct location or want to move their Helium miner into a less dense area and also improved their new cheating detecting algorithm. It currently costs 10$ to do this per Helium Hotspot. If HIP69 passes, it will cost 5$ for three months.


What about cheaters/spoofers?

There will always be cheaters and spoofers, and it's only a matter of time before they get caught. Helium recently changed to a new algorithm to improve cheater detection but had a little problem with banning some innocent people. They want to monitor many more location assertions to help them learn more and improve their detection. How do you do that? Reduce the price temporarily, of course. One could say that this will encourage the cheaters more, but given that this is only temporary, I would not worry too much.

When would this start?

The plan is to have these new fees in effect after HIP-70 transitions to Solana. Which, at this rate, has an estimate around March according to Helium Foundation members.

Does this affect Helium 5G?

Nope, this is only for the old LoRa network of HNT.

What happens if the vote fails?

The price would remain at 10$ per location assertion, and Helium cannot collect more assertion data to improve its detection algorithm.

How can I vote?

You can vote by visiting this here. The vote will end in 1 week.

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