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February 1, 2023
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Helium Genesis is over! Bring on the Programmatic Minting era.

Although they call it "Programmatic Minting," the concept stays the same.

Helium Genesis is over! Bring on the Programmatic Minting era.

What is Programmatic Minting?

Let's first clear the elephant in the room. HIP75 has passed. They are not calling it Genesis any longer. But "Programmatic Minting." It's essentially the same thing as Genesis. You will continue to earn Mobile tokens for just having your radio online.


Why did this happen?

The migration to Solana has yet to be completed, and the current balance of pre-mined MOBILE tokens in the Treasury will run out on Feb 1st, 2023. Therefore halting all mobile token payouts.

What is changing?

With the new emissions schedule, the total supply of mobile tokens will be reduced from 250B to 200B. HIP75 also wants to un-tie programmatic minting from Solana and do it on the Helium blockchain. This will allow the Mobile token payouts to happen each day. With the updated schedule, roughly 3b mobile tokens will be distributed per month, approximately 100M daily.

How long will this last?

There's no exact date when the Solana migration will be done. We have heard by the end of March from members of the Helium Foundation, this is an estimate. When the migration is done, we should fall into the PoC from HIP74, which will provide rewards based on coverage points. You can learn more about that here.


Will this affect HNT too?

No. This is only for Mobile.

When does this start?

Feb 1st, 2023.

Closing thoughts.

There's not much that will change on the user's end. You will still receive your rewards at the same time, although the amount could be a bit different.

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