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December 14, 2022
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Helium 5G, Indoor vs. Outdoor Radio

Which is better, indoor or outdoor radios for mining Helium 5G? Read the full comparison.

Helium 5G, Indoor vs. Outdoor Radio

Need help deciding which type of radio you want?

If you are looking for the most straightforward install, it's no comparison. The Indoor radio is the winner. There are plenty of reasons why. For one, you can install it without going on the roof. You don't need to wait days for CPI approval, Don't need to take installation photos. This ease does come with a cost, though. It only earns 1x the rewards vs. the outdoor, which makes 2.5x. You must buy three indoor radios to earn more than a single outdoor radio.

Now the outdoor radio is a more complicated install. First, you must get these radios on your roof for ideal coverage. There is a step in this installation where you need to take several photos of your phone on the radio to get some angles. Next, there's a CPI approval process. This is where someone will look over the pictures of the radio and say if it's good or not. If it needs improvement, you must go back up there and take new photos or fix whatever they need. The good? It's cheaper to get one outdoor radio than three indoor ones to balance out the rewards.

Going into the future, we are unsure how "PoC" will work. If you are installing an indoor radio in a detached home, there might be better options in the long run. I'd try to install it in an apartment building/condo/coffee shop/library—places where there's a bunch of people indoors near it.

The outdoor, on the other hand, when it's on your roof. Aim it towards places where the most people would reside, such as a mall/busy parking lot/freeway/schools, etc. The outdoor radio has more range than the indoor—about half a mile of usable coverage.

While the indoor is quick and easy to set up, I can see potential downfalls in the future when "PoC" comes out. It might work now, but there's a much better chance to earn more MOBILE with an outdoor unit that is properly installed and in a good location.

I'll give the win to the outdoor radios!

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