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February 28, 2023
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Buying Helium 5G radios no longer make sense

With, the risk of not knowing coverage points is gone.

Buying Helium 5G radios no longer make sense

The risks involved.

So you want to get into Helium 5G? Are you aware of the installation process? It's nothing like the good old days of Helium LoRa, where you could plug in the unit and start mining. The Helium 5G setup requires proper installations, such as going on commercial building roofs or towers. It's not for the faint of heart. Not to mention it's impossible to calculate the expected ROI because you need to know how many coverage points you have to do this calculation. You only know this once the radios are installed.


What are coverage points?

Your Helium 5G radio only covers a certain area with signal. Depending on how strong the signal is in each hex it covers, that is used to calculate how many coverage points. That can then be used to calculate how many mobile tokens you get.

That means good radios that are correctly installed with excellent height and minimal obstructions. Will earn more than lousy radios are installed on someone's house facing a big tree.ย 

This is an example of an average residential setup about 15ft in the air. It's got 1,376 coverage points.

There's nothing wrong with this. It's just an average install someone has done at their home.


Now if we look at an excellent installation. 7,952 overage points. Almost 6x of the previous radio.

This is installed high and has a clear view over the lower buildings.

The solution

There is a way to avoid the risk of buying a Helium 5G bundle for 2500$ altogether, to spend several hours, if not days, to install it to find out you make 500 coverage points. The solution is You know the radios coverage points before buying, eliminating the risk.

What is is a marketplace of pre-installed Helium 5G radios. These radios are hosted in the USA. Meaning anyone in the world can buy a Helium 5G radio. No longer is it limited to USA customers only. After you buy a radio on Moken, your radio will stay hosted in the USA. You will start to earn Helium Mobile tokens immediately, with payouts to your helium wallet happening every week. Radios sold on Moken are not managed or supported by HeliumDeploy. Each radio has its own "deployer." A deployer is a person who installs the radio and is the one who manages the support for it too. They are responsible for the maintenance of your radio. All the radios sold on Moken are by deployers that HeliumDeploy has vetted to ensure quality.

How do I buy on Moken?

You can sign up for Moken by using this link:

I suggest you check our blog about how to pick the best radios on Moken here:


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