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December 14, 2022
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Become a WISP with Helium 5G

Become a local internet service provider and earn the rewards of crypto with Helium 5G mining.

Become a WISP with Helium 5G

What's a WISP? It's a wireless internet service provider.


Everyone uses the internet these days. Most have no choice but to buy from their local ISPs. It could be Spectrum, AT&T, COX, XFINITY, etc...


What if I told you, you could become a WISP? And charge people a monthly fee to get internet from you!


I will go over the details of how you can do this yourself. 


First off, you will need a reseller plan from your ISP. You cannot resell a regular "home internet" plan -legally-

Pickup a FreedomFi bundle that we sell:


These will change depending on how many customers you have. Let's keep it simple and say you have three customers.


1 x FreedomFi Sim bundle (3 sims):


3 x MultiConnect® CBRS Wi-Fi AP:


You are going to need to plan out your 5G install. I made a diagram to show a typical layout. Let's pretend your house is in the middle. You can install multiple radios on your roof to distribute the network. Make sure the radios point in the general direction of the customers.

Expect the usable coverage of the radio to be about 1150ft if it's got a decent line of sight and no obstructions.

On the customer's end, you only need to put the FreedomFi sim card into the 5G AP and then give it to them to install in their house. Ideally, it would be the closest wall to your house, not the basement or the other side of the house. It will give them a Wi-Fi network that they can use to surf the internet.

The only thing left would be to work out an agreement on how to bill the customer.

As you can see, it's relatively easy to become a WISP using Helium 5G.

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