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December 14, 2022
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Become a Helium 5G installer

Start earning income with every installation job. We tell you the required materials and key steps to installing 5G units.

Become a Helium 5G installer

Do you have the skills to install Helium 5G?


After completing our initial vetting process, you will be listed as an installer if we are satisfied.

Clients who purchase radios will start to call, asking you to install their setups.

We do not provide any tools or equipment for the installation, but we have a complete list of required materials with links to where you can purchase them here.

You are responsible for collecting your payment from the client for the installation. Our installer's average price is $275 base +$75 per radio. 

Below is a basic overview of the installation, or visit our complete 5G installation guide 

  • Install a radio on the client's roof
  • Run CAT6 from the radio to their modem/router
  • Plug in a 5G gateway


Apply to become a 5G installer!

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