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May 2, 2023
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5G Hosting Program for Canadians

How can you mine 5G in Canada when it's only in the US? We have you covered with hosted miners. Find out how to reap the rewards.

5G Hosting Program for Canadians

How to mine 5G Outside the USA

Do you live in Canada and want in on the Helium 5G action? You probably know by now that you cannot run these radios in Canada. We at HeliumDeploy are a Canadian company, so we see the pain you are all feeling. Have no fear! We have come up with a solution.

We are introducing our 5G hosting program for Canadians.


This package will enable Canadians to buy a Helium 5G miner hosted in the USA. Here is how it works: when you buy a hosted package, we will find a premium location in the USA. Then we'll send a professional installer to complete the setup. Once installed, we will transfer the hotspot wallet to you.


Because this is hosted at a location in the USA, there is a 20% fee of the daily MOBILE tokens earned that must be paid to the host monthly. You will keep the remaining 80%. The setup time is about two weeks.


So now you know how our 5G hosting works for Canadians.

You can sign up as a deployer a to get start with hosted 5G miners here:

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