We’re on a mission to decentralize

By deploying antennas across cities, we provide coverage at cheaper costs and our customers benefit from the savings.

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The story behind our team

We're all previous business founders and friends. We believe in working hard and building great things. That's what makes us passionate about this project - the grandeur of the goal. Our best work is done on company trips where all minds come together to refine our vision and trajectory.

The mission behind our work

Our team has watched the gap of inequality worsen over time. Decentralization promises to spread rewards fairly and provide an alternative for centralized networks: ones that can censor and spy on our data. We've built businesses in the face of large incumbents, and generally have been the underdog. But when you make unexpected outcomes come to life, even if it breaks down walls, we come ahead further as a society.

Come and visit us!

It would make our day for you to show up at any of our warehouses! Come meet the team, see the inventory or our day-to-day hustle.


9271 Rue Thimens Pierrefonds, QC H8Y 0A1 Canada


221 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701, United States